PACE receives payments from Medicare/Medicaid, if applicable, to cover all expenses for its participants. Most people who have both Medicare and Medicaid pay nothing for any service, medication, procedure, transportation, meal, or anything else they receive from Community PACE. If an individual is not covered under Medicare/Medicaid, there is the option to private pay for all services.

Each participant has a different number of days they attend the center based on their necessary levels of care. The Interdisciplinary Team, participants, and participant families work cohesively to determine the wants and needs of each individual. At Community PACE, our participants average 2 days a week at the Day Center.

Community PACE provides transportation to the Community PACE Day Center and to all medical appointments and field trips approved by the Interdisciplinary Team.

Community PACE values our participants and desires to care for them for the duration of their lives. If a participant no longer wants to receive Community PACE services and receive care from outside sources, they have the right to voluntarily disenroll at any time. All Community PACE services will be provided until the last day of the calendar month in which the individual disenrolls.

To have any questions answered regarding enrollment and Community PACE services, call Community PACE at 231-652-4618 and ask to speak to the Intake Coordinator.

Individuals that wish to enroll in Community PACE must meet the following eligibility criteria:
-Be age 55 or older
-Live in the Community PACE service area
Counties with Community PACE At Home Inc. coverage: Lake, Mason, Mecosta, Newaygo, Oceana, Osceola and Montcalm which includes 48850, 48886, 49310, 49322,49329, 49336, 49337,49339, 49343 and 49347.
-Meet the Nursing Home Level of Care Determination as determined by the State of Michigan
-Be able to live in the community safely with Community PACE support

Examples of living safely in the home are: An individual’s own home, with loved ones, independent senior living facilities, assisted living facilities, or adult foster homes. Community PACE does not include an individual living permanently residing in a nursing home. Community PACE is not intended for people who desire or require permanent nursing home placement. For our team to assess safety in the home, it is best that someone has resided in their current living situation for at least a few months and intends to remain there.

If an individual is permanently residing in a nursing home, Community PACE is not an option for them. If an individual is currently receiving care in a nursing home but will be transitioning back to a community-based living arrangement, the individual can be referred to Community PACE. It is a PACE requirement that a participant must be safely residing in the community at the time of enrollment. The Community PACE care team cannot begin any assessments for the program until an individual is living safely in the community. However, our Intake Coordinator would set up a meeting with the individual and their caregivers to discuss various options.

-Adult day care at the Community PACE Day Center
-Primary care
-Specialty care
-Dental, vision and hearing services
-Necessary medical equipment
-In home assistance
-All necessary prescription and OTC drugs
-Transportation to the Community PACE Day Center and to any specialty care appointments
-Social services
-Mental health services
-Respite care
-Hospital and nursing home care when necessary
-End of life and hospice care

Someone can be referred to Community PACE by calling our Intake Coordinator at 231-652-4618 or 800-689-6675, faxing a referral form to 231-652-4620, or filling out the Make a Referral form on our website.